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Rocky Ridge Projects Inc. is a family owned business that values integrity and quality. We want to be known as providing our customers with the best product and experience that leaves them  feeling that they have been treated well and fairly.

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Our monitor style barns are built indoors to ensure consistent quality. Your barn will be transported and set up ready to use in one day.

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Signature Series

The ideal blend of character, style and practicality.

Homesteader Series

The perfect barn for the hobby farm.

Hip-Roof Series

Let us build your dream barn.

Grand View Series

Live the dream with this barn.

Executive Series

There is something about barns that is beautiful.

Multi-Purpose Series

No foundation needed, can be moved again.

Garage Barn Series

Organize and store your cars, toys and tools.


We offer different options to suit your barn needs.

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Questions & Answers

What kind of foundation do I need for the barn?

We recommend one of the following options.


The most popular foundation for our barns is screw piles. Screw piles provide a simple stable foundation for the life of the barn. Ideal site preparation includes stripping off the topsoil and back filling with gravel. Make sure the site is level. When this is done a contractor can install the screw piles. Make sure the back fill is below the tops of screw piles. Any high spots will prevent the barn form bearing on the piles.


  1. It is cheaper than most other options.
  2. You can use the barn the way it is with gravel floors, the same day we deliver or complete it as you have time, or your budget allows.
  3. Or you can concrete the center alley and put rubber mats in the box stalls, or concrete the whole inside of the barn which gives you the option to individually slope and drain the floor of the box stalls, something that can‘t be done with a concrete slab foundation.


The second option for a foundation is a thickened edge concrete slab. This foundation also has its benefits. The start out cost is higher but when your building is delivered it is complete. For garage barns, this kind of foundation is highly recommended. Also, the barn looks more permanent. Once we have secured the barn to the slab, we can cut the treated 6×6 that is used as a foundation out of the door openings.

How much room do we need for the delivery trucks?

Our delivery loads are 10,12, and 14 feet depending on the width of your building. If you have any gates or overheads they will have to be measured. Also there needs to be adequate room to get our trucks around the building site. Typically we need at least 50 feet of open space in front of or behind the building as our trucks need room to unload and pull free of the building. There also needs to be enough room around the building to get a bobcat (10 feet) at least on three sides. If the building site is too tight, we‘ll hire a crane to set the pieces in place, but it will cost approx. $1150 more.

How long will the setup take?

When we arrive onsite we bring all the necessary equipment to complete the building, it will take 4-7 hours. If there is a tight area, allow for a bit more time. 95% of our buildings are a one day delivery and setup.

Do you provide financing?

We don’t have in-house financing, but we’ll work with your bank to meet the necessary requirements. The payment schedule is as follows:

  1. $5000 at time of order (at this time you are given on approx. delivery time],
  2. 25% at the build date (this is usually three-four weeks before delivery date), and
  3. The balance is due on the delivery day (in the form of a bank draft or certified check).
How do I adjust my sliding door?
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